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- Denise L. of Austell, GA
Decompression Therapy

What do thousands of patients know about Spinal Decompression Therapy?  That it works!  Many people have found relief of low back and neck conditions such as herniated discs, bulging discs, facet syndromes, and symptoms of degenerative joint disease.  With a 70-85% effective rate with many common back ailments, Spinal Decompression Therapy is the leading non-surgical alternative to spine surgery.  In as few as 12 treatments, you may have relief of chronic debilitating low back and neck pain.  Spinal Decompression Therapy allows for the gentle distraction of the bones of the low back and neck, increasing circulation to the spinal discs through decompression.

 Research has proven discs may be a primary site of back and leg pain, as well as neck and arm pain.  The disc has no direct blood supply and gets its nutrients in and waste products out by diffusion, like a sponge.  Over time, loss of strength of the lower abdominal and low back muscles, poor posture, trauma, etc. increase the compression on the discs, especially the lower discs and the mid-neck discs.  Spinal Decompression Therapy stretches the spine in a safe, controlled and very specific way to open the disc spaces.  This decreases the pressure on the discs and allows an increase of blood flow to help reduce inflammation and heal the area.  Research indicates in some cases bulges may be pulled or drawn in by this therapy and help relieve pinched nerves.        

Spinal Decompression Therapy utilizes the most sophisticated equipment to gently distract the spinal bones to allow the natural healing process to begin.  The gentle force creates decompression of the spinal discs and floods them with nutrients that only this type of pull pattern can achieve.  Unlike traditional traction, Spinal Decompression Therapy gently graduates the pull over 3-5 minutes making certain you are always comfortable and that muscle guarding is kept to a minimum.  The therapeutic session of Spinal Decompression Therapy lasts about 15 minutes and usually requires no more than 15-20 treatments.    

Historic Roswell Chiropractic is committed to helping our patients heal.  Although decompression therapy can help many back conditions, it is not a ‘cure’ for everyone.  Many times disc damage cannot be fully healed due to the extent of damage or the continuation of irritating activities.  Schedule an evaluation to find out if you are a candidate for Spinal Decompression Therapy today!