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Voted Best Chiropractor in Roswell for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009!

"I have made amazing progess with Dr. Trindade's care. I feel better and can go to yoga again!"
- Gordon R. of Marietta, GA
Nutritional Testimonials

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Mood Swings
No Bowel Problems!
I had low energy and intestinal problems before I began care. Now I have very steady energy, I feel much stronger and I have little to no bowel problems! I am very happy! -M. M.

Digestion is Improving!
I was very tired and had poor digestion. Most days I am [now] very energetic, less sleep is required, and digestion is improving. –L. M.

I am Now More Aware of the Quality of Food I Eat!
Last year I was constantly dealing with sinus infections, stuffy nose, and digestive problems such as bloating, gassiness, and an upset stomach.[Now] I rarely have issues with my stomach being upset. It does come back occasionally but I think I’ve taken the right steps to getting healthy. I am now more aware of the quality of the food I eat and the toxins I might put in my body. –A. A.

Bloating has Gone Away Almost Completely!
I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all that you have been able to help me with over the last few months. Prior to seeing you I was experiencing a ton of bloating and gas when I was eating. I eat a pretty healthy diet and exercise regularly so I thought I was doing everything that I needed to care for my body. What I have learned by working with you is that there can be a lot going on that we are not even aware of. After focusing on my digestion and the specific organs that needed help, the bloating has gone away almost completely. My mid-section has visibly changed, and I rarely have issues with gas. I feel and look so much better. I also want to thank you for the work you have done with my urinary tract. I have had problems since I was a child, and the only diagnosis from most doctors was a UTI followed up with a regimen of antibiotics. After your discovery that it wasn’t even bacterial and starting the supplements, it ceased almost immediately. I am very happy to know that every time I have a minor issue, I do not have to resort to antibiotics which, in-turn, cause a whole additional set of issues. Thank you again for all your work and I look forward to our continued partnership working towards a healthier me!-A. S.
No Depression!
My knees were hurting all the time and I was feeling depressed. Now, I rarely have any knee pain and no depression! –J. P.

I’m Beginning to Feel Like My Old Self!
Before seeing Dr. Trindade [Miller], I felt very sluggish, had no energy, depressed, just not myself at all. Taking antidepressants didn’t seem to be enough and made me feel flat!! Now I’m beginning to feel like my old self. I have been able to stop taking antidepressants and I have more energy to get through the day. I also feel energized enough to start exercising again. Thanks Dr. T!!! -M. M.

My Depression is Gone!
I suffered with acid reflux, insomnia and depression. Now, the acid reflux is all but gone- occasional flare ups if I eat certain foods, which I try to avoid. My sleep patterns have improved and the depression is gone. –B. W.

My Anxiety is Gone!
Before, I was having high anxiety which was due to removing tobacco products from my lifestyle. After doing the program, I have no anxiety, other than what is normal. It is gone! –M. W.

I Feel Like Myself Again!
I came into HRC with several issues. My body felt like it was heading for shut down. At age 27, that feeling was not normal. My main concerns were depression, digestive issues, fatigue, and lack of energy. My mood swings were taking over my mind and my body felt so tired. When I slept at night, I had nightmares and night sweats. Every time I went to a doctor or family physician, they all said that I was physically “great” and should seek psychological help. That was not what I wanted. Since February and after starting the program, I have been seeking treatment at HRC and this was the answer to my prayers. I finally feel like myself again. Instead of depression and mood swings, I laugh and smile. I have energy at work and at home. My food intake and diet has become healthier, I take my supplements, and get good sleep every night. My digestive issues are almost gone. I now have energy to take care of myself. –K. P.

I Feel Much Stronger!
I had low energy and intestinal problems before I began care. Now I have very steady energy, I feel much stronger and I have little to no bowel problems! I am very happy!  - M. M.

My Energy Has Improved!
Dr. Miller,since I have been taking the supplements you have prescribed my energy has improved and back pain has decreased.  In addition my allergy symptoms have reduced and my sleep has improved.  –S. W.

The Purification Program Changed My Life!
I had been looking for the right purification program for a while when I was introduced to Standard Process.  I immediately began the program when I saw the results a friend of mine received.  The purification program changed my life.  Not only my eating habits, but my energy and my confidence in myself went through the roof!  It's an amazing feeling, both physically and emotionally, when you know you're taking care of your body.  I've continued on Standard Process products for the past year and now understand the importance of whole food supplementation to the body. –S. K.

Changing My Diet Gave Me More Energy!
As with any new product, such as The Cleanse by Standard Process,  one could question how it will work. I along with friends did the cleanse. It was great! Changing my diet gave me more energy. We did it in the spring, so we enjoyed the spring harvest of fruits and vegetables. The sensations the cleanse provided to your body by eating right and taking the supplements, makes you feel good. I recommend this program to anyone, especially if you have never done a cleanse.You will be amazed!-K. C.

I Have More Energy Throughout the Day!
I had fatigue all the time and lack of energy. I recently had arthroscopic knee surgery for what they thought was a torn meniscus, but turned out to be an unknown cause of knee pain. I [now] have more energy throughout the day and rarely experience the afternoon fatigue/sluggishness. I’m beginning physical therapy and nutritional knee support today.- K. P.

I Am Less Irritable And Fatigued At The End Of My Day!
I was gaining weight very easily and having a difficult time losing it. I was also irritable and fatigued by the end of the day. I felt I had a lot of aches and pains for someone my age and fitness level and couldn’t figure out why. I also struggled with concentration and mental clarity. I [now] have lost some weight. I now understand the nutritional factors that contributed to my weight gain and fatigue. I have greater mental clarity and concentration level. I am also less irritable and less fatigued at the end of my day. –M. W.

I Feel So Much Clarity And Energy!
I felt fatigued. I didn’t even realize that my sinuses and eyes were such a problem until I did the program, but as they got better I felt so much clarity and energy. –C. Q.

I Feel Better About Myself!
Before, I felt a little lethargic. Now I have much more energy. I feel better about myself and about my health. –C. W.

My Results Came Back Positive!
Before I did the 21 day cleanse, I had several issues related to blood sugar, elevated liver enzymes, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Everything seemed to be out of control and the doctor wanted me on more medications. The doctor changed my medications and wanted me to come back one month to complete more tests. Them Dr. Miller recommended that I complete the 21 day cleanse detox. During that time, I reduced all my medications and completed my detox. Two weeks after the cleanse, I went to the doctor to complete blood work. The results came back positive! All of my issues were back under control. Now all I have to do is maintain the good work. -S. P.

No More Allergies!
I was having horrible allergy symptoms including runny nose, itchy eyes, watery eyes, and difficulty breathing through my nose. Now, I feel amazing! Within two days of starting Euphrasia [a supplement by Standard Process], my symptoms were completely gone. Now I don’t feel like I have to move to deal with my allergies. –K. P.

I No Longer Need an Eye Operation!
I had a sty in my eye for about four months. After going to a few doctors, they told me that I needed an operation. Now it’s gone and not even noticeable. The improvement was fast and without any operation or strong medications. –E. F.

All of My Symptoms Have Subsided!
I came in with what I thought was just a urinary tract infection. After Dr. Miller did some nutritional response testing, she realized I had some sort of parasite. Dr. Miller prescribed a few herbal remedies and within a day or two I felt so much better. All of my symptoms had subsided. –C. R.

I Have Been Able To Lose Weight Consistently!
Before, I was gaining weight, despite my efforts to adjust my diet and exercise. Now, I have learned how to improve my food selections and have been able to lose weight consistently since I began the nutrition program. -S. H.

I Used To Get Some Type of Cold Flu And Sinus Infections Several Times A Year!
I was depressed and overweight. I have suffered from regular bladder infections and was constantly tired. I would get some type of cold flu and sinus infections several times a year. My weight has [now] dropped by 20-25 pounds. This is a result of diet, supplements, and moderate exercise. I feel great. The bladder issues are under control and I no longer have to take a daily preventative pill. Regularly doing clinical nutrition has allowed my immune system to improve and flush out the “bad stuff” that was stuck in my body. I still have work to do and completely trust Dr. Miller! –C. B.

Only Three Colds In Over Eight Months!
I was constantly catching colds, usually eight in four months. Now, I only had three colds over eight months time. –L. W.

I Am Now Pregnant!
I was experiencing headaches, neck and lower back pain. I was also insulin- resistant and had associated fertility issues. I am now pregnant and my insulin level is normal. My headaches have disappeared and my neck and back pain is significantly improved.  –L. N.

The Best Thing is I Sleep Better!
I was extremely tired, no energy, lots of stomach problems and insomnia and I was taking 2 Tylenol pm everyday. Now, I feel much better. I have more energy and the best thing is, I sleep better with no Tylenol PM!  -C. B.

I Have Much More Energy and Get a Good Night’s Sleep!
I suffered with joint aches, insomnia, and other maladies which made work and play unenjoyable. I just wanted to sit or sleep so I didn’t have to face the symptoms. By taking part in the nutrition program I was made aware of diet changes which would improve my health. I was provided supplements which helped improved my health. Although I had been taking vitamins, the natural products seem to be more readily absorbed and I could feel the difference. My aches are all but gone.  I have much more energy and I get a good night’s sleep almost every night. I feel that I make better food choices. I have continued to lose weight. I would highly recommend this program to anyone. Forgot to mention: no more GERD since taking Multizyme and Zypan [supplements by Standard Process]. YEAH! –B. W.

I Felt Improved Vitality within a Week of Starting Program!
I have been working with Dr. Trindade [Miller] for about a year and the results have been fantastic. I had been experiencing thyroid problems when I went in for my first consultation. I had anxiety, insomnia, and just an overall lack of “feeling good.” I had no idea what was causing these problems or what to do about them. Dr. Trindade’s [Miller’s] expertise in nutrition and chiropractic eliminated these symptoms and has given me back the quality of life I had been missing. She really listened to what I had to say and developed a plan customized to my needs that was easy to follow. She guided me to a healthy way of living and has been there every step of the way when I had any questions or concerns. I felt improved vitality within a week of starting the program. Within the month, my insomnia was virtually non existent, my skin cleared up and the anxiety subsided. I now feel better than I have in years and truly look forward to my visits with her. Thank you Dr. Trindade [Miller], for your dedication to bettering the lives of others! –A. M.

I’ve Balanced Out Some Hormone-Related Mood Swings!
Following some basic dietary guidelines and working the Nutrition Response Testing program has helped me to increase my mental awareness, improve my digestive system functioning, and increase my energy. It also helped me balance out some hormone- related mood swings which I had long given up on controlling.  In short, I highly recommend Dr. Trindade [Miller] and the Nutrition Response Testing program to anyone.   –S. H.

My Pre-Cycle Moodiness has Definitely Leveled Off!
My primary reasons for starting nutrition counseling were: weight control, Rosacea, mood control, and generally better nutrition. I also did not realize that I needed digestive and female organ support. I was also waking up during the night and failing to go back to sleep. I also experienced leg cramps during the night! Weight control-I lost about 15 pounds during the course of 5 months. Rosacea- By cutting almost all the sugar from my diet for about 2 month I learned how sugar causes the Rosacea flare-ups. Mood control- My pre-cycle moodiness has definitely leveled off. Better Nutrition- I can now pinpoint how “bad” foods make my body feel worse. Digestion-My bowel movements are much more regular. Female Organs-My PMS symptoms are virtually gone. Sleep-I am able to fall bask asleep and leg cramps have greatly minimized. –M. N.

I Feel Like a New Person!
Before I came, I would be very tired all the time and I would have mild mood swings. With my diet, I would eat whenever I wanted to even if it wasn’t really necessary. I was also experiencing lack of sleep. For the past couple of weeks, I have been feeling SO much better. I get the right amount of sleep. My diet has gotten a lot better and I feel more awake. My mood swings are always good even though I get irritated sometimes. Honestly, I feel somewhat like a new person. –N. B.

I Feel So Much Better!
I was overweight and feeling very tired and “old”. I was having mood swings, leg swelling, restless legs, night sweats and I was pretty sure that my thyroid was not functioning properly. [Now] I have lost 35 lbs., no more leg swelling or night sweats. My thyroid is well. Restless legs and mood swings are under control. I feel so much better! –J. W.

The Bladder Issues Are Under Control!
I was a wreck before clinical nutrition. Now, I feel incredibly better and still healing J -L. D.

I Head To The Gym Not Feeling Tired!
I began taking the new supplements two days ago and since then I have noticed that the urge for an afternoon nap has subsided. I head to the gym after work without the feeling that I am too tired to go. – R. V.

I No Longer Have Food Cravings!
Prior to HRC, I felt sluggish and often had cravings for carbs or sweets. In addition, I’ve struggled with weight management due to stress eating habits. I’m pleased and delighted to say with the new focus on the “right” foods and taking the customized whole food supplements, I no longer have food cravings! In addition, I have sustained energy throughout the day. –S. L.

You Will Be Amazed!
The Cleanse by Standard Process, as with any new product, one could question how it will work. I along with friends did the cleanse. It was great. Changing my diet gave me more energy. We did it in the spring so we enjoyed the spring harvest of fruits and vegetables. The sensations the cleanse provides to your body by eating right and taking supplements makes you feel good. I recommend this to anyone especially if you have never done a cleanse. You will be amazed. –K. C.

I am Pregnant!
Before, I was tired and congested. Now I am pregnant and doing great. – C. Q.

My Neck and Back Pain is Significantly Improved!
I was experiencing headaches, neck and lower back pains. I was also insulin-resistant and had associated fertility issues. I am now pregnant and my insulin level in normal. My headaches have disappeared and my neck and back pain is significantly improved. L. N.

I Feel 90% Better!
I was having chronic neck pain/back pain and energy was constantly low. I am now having little to no constant neck/back pain. I feel 90% better and the energy level is picking up. –J. P.

The Hip Pain Has Almost Disappeared!
I originally came in to see if my hip pain could be corrected through chiropractic adjustments without medications. Through homeopathic correction, the hip pain has almost disappeared. –M. B.

My Overall “Feeling Better” was Evident!
Before Historic Roswell Chiropractic, I have been seeing another chiropractor in another state. However, a short time after my visits and being introduced to the nutrition program, my overall “feeling better” was evident. I’m having less headaches and neck pain. This change made me realize that other chiropractor was okay, but not dealing and accurately helping my chronic issues. [Now] the progression of the nutrition program has helped resolve internal organ dysfunctions, cleanse toxins and help me manage through cancer and prescription drugs. I have been told I am fortunate that I have not experienced “side effects” from the drug cancer treatment and menopause on top of that. I know better than just “I am fortunate”, it is all related to Dr. Miller and her program. –M. T.

I Rarely Have Pain!
My knees were hurting all the time and I was feeling depressed. Now, I rarely have any knee pain and no depression. –J. P.

I’m No Longer Doubled-Over in Pain!
My lower stomach was hurting constantly. I would normally double over screaming in pain. [Now] it hardly even hurts. Dr. Miller has helped me so much!! –H. W.

His Reading Comprehension Has Jumped Dramatically!
Before the Nutrition Response Testing, My son was wetting the bed every night. He had difficulty with reading, comprehension and other school related things. After six weeks on the program, my son has his first night EVER with no bed wetting and He’s nine. When I went to his Parent Teacher Conference, the teacher and I discussed that in the last three weeks his reading fluency and comprehension has jumped dramatically. I believe this is a direct result of the program as the timing is uncanny & there is not any other major change in his routine –L.H.

She Seems to be a Happy Child!
My daughter (8 years old) was irritable and angry at times. She was defiant and verbally abusive to her sisters. We were beginning to feel as if her mood for that day would set the tone for our entire family. She just seemed unhappy with no real reason behind it. She complained that she wasn’t sleeping well and she seemed overweight compared to the rest of the family. My daughter claimed she felt “fat”. Now, my daughter seems to be the happy child we always knew she could be. She is full of love and affection. She is now what I consider to be a typical child who shows her emotions in a more age appropriate manner. While she hasn’t lost any real weight, she says she is sleeping better than before, but would like to do better. –M.W.