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Voted Best Chiropractor in Roswell for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009!

"Since beginning chiropractic care I have no pain and am almost always in a good mood!"
- Denise L. of Austell, GA
Clinical Nutrition

Helping your body heal from the inside out.

Do you have a health condition that just won't go away? Is it interfering with your family life or career? Have you been to doctors but not gotten the results you expected or hoped for? Are you looking for a way to achieve or maintain a healthy weight? Designed Clinical Nutrition may be the answer!

A normal, healthy body heals naturally from most types of conditions – whether illness or injury. If a person has a health condition that is not healing, there must be a barrier to healing. That’s what has to be identified, and then the body has to be supported to overcome that barrier to healing. No matter what supplements you take or healing methods you try, if you don’t identify and remove the barriers to healing, you can’t reach your health potential.

Typical barriers to healing include a weak immune system, allergies, and the effects of toxic chemicals and metals on the body. There are others too, and at Historic Roswell Chiropractic, these are identified and removed, and people are usually amazed at how fast the healing starts with just a few key changes in their lives.

Most health challenges can be traced to nutritional deficiencies, meaning, the body is missing some important nutrient for fuel in order to do its job. Dr. Miller is only one of 299 doctors in the United States that is Advanced Clinical Trained in Nutrition Response Testing, a system that zeros in on the underlying causes of ill or nonoptimum health and, through this system a personalized clinical nutrition program is designed for you. No two programs are the same as each person is unique – no “one size fits all” approach. Those that are candidates for Nutrition Response Testing have found nothing else that has helped as much.

Fighting back from sickness or injury or struggling to lose weight can be a lonely, challenging journey. Let Dr. Miller help you determine what your body needs to reach your destination: good health!

Most of the nutritional supplements (vitamins) we offer are sold only through health professionals.  Our main product line is Standard Process.