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Voted Best Chiropractor in Roswell for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009!

"Within two weeks of care, the dizziness stopped and the headaches have decreased in frequency and intensity."
- Monica H.
Chiropractic Testimonials

What Dr. Miller's patients are saying!

"About 5 months ago when I first came in, I was unable to walk for more than 20 to 30 feet without having to stop. I was on pain medication; I was basically unable to enjoy life. I couldn't lift things at work. I couldn't even walk the dog without taking my cell phone in case I couldn't make it back home. Life was not a bed of roses at this time. My doctor even recommended back surgery. Now I'm off the pain medications, I’m playing softball and I’m able to workout again on my exercise equipment. I was able to walk in the 5K corporate walk. I no longer consider back surgery & I still continue to improve. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I feel with the excellent care and professional help Dr. Trindade and her staff have given me, I will be the person I was years ago." Mike W. (Atlanta)

"Before I came in to see Dr. Trindade, I had stiffness and pain in my shoulders and neck, loss of mobility and flexibility, and vertigo when moving certain ways. Since beginning care, all three have greatly improved!" Lynne B. (Roswell)

"I began chiropractic care because I had been suffering with neck pain and numbness in fingers for 30 years. At the worst, I loss the feeling in me right hand and couldn't even turn my head. In the past, I tried pain killers, muscle relaxers, and physical therapy to no avail. Since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Trindade, I have less pain and numbness and more mobility in my neck and hand. I now look forward to coming in to the office." Sherri K. (Roswell)

"Before I began chiropractic care with Dr. Trindade, my neck and shoulders were very stiff, I had tension in my feet and lower back. My range of motion in my neck was limited and I experienced headaches and frequent upset stomach episodes. Also, I had persistent ear pain. Now I have more flexibility and range of motion in my neck. My feet are much more flexible and less tense. My lower back feels relaxed. I have fewer headaches and the upset stomach and ear pain have completely disappeared! YEA!" Laura P. (Roswell)

"Before coming in I had constant neck pain. I found it very hard to sleep and would wake up several times an hour. Now I am sleeping comfortably and day-time pain is practically gone." Natalie S. (Roswell)

"Before I came in to see Dr. Trindade I had chronic lower back pain & frequent shooting pains down my left leg. Now it is much better and usually the adjustments hold much longer." Ann N. (Marietta)

"Before I came in to see Dr. Trindade the pain in my neck and shoulders was severe. I would get headaches from the tightness in the muscle at the back of my neck. Moving my head from side to side was very painful and I would hear “crunching” sounds. Now, my mobility has improved; I can move freely without pain and restriction." Chuck R. (Roswell)

 "I had suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain on and off for years. At its worst I would have muscle spasms, headache, and shaking. Since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Trindade I have far less pain, more flexibility." Mark M. (Alpharetta)

"I've been seeing Dr. Trindade for approximately 2 years and I've never felt healthier.  I have fewer and milder migraines, tension headaches and cramps.  I have maintained a 35 pound weight loss without injury.  As a chronic yo-yo dieter, I know strenuous exercise is necessary for serious weight loss.  I feel Dr. Trindade helps me remain balanced and therefore pain and injury free."  Melissa P. (Marietta)

"I started chiropractic care because I was suffering from dizziness and headaches.  I had been experiencing these symptoms for a year and a half.  At the worst, I would get so dizzy that I would faint and lost consciousness.  I missed classes and could not drive.  Within two weeks of care, the dizziness stopped and the headaches have decreased in frequency and intensity.  Without being dizzy I can exercise again without being scared of fainting or hurting myself."  Monica H. (student)

 "I began chiropractic care because I had low back pain and headaches.  The symptoms had been bothering me for about six weeks.  The headaches made me groggy and made it hard to focus or concentrate.  Since being under her care, I have better posture and the headaches are gone.  The improved posture means I have less chest and neck pain.  The care provided by Dr. Trindade is excellent and very professional."  Scott H. (Marietta)

"The reason I started chiropractic care with Dr. Trindade was because I had back pain and arm numbness.  I had been experiencing these symptoms for 20 years.  The pain was disabling at its worst.  I was fearful of trying chiropractic because I had a bad experience in the past with poor results.  I have made amazing progess with Dr. Trindade's care.  I feel better and can go to yoga again!"
Gordon R. (Marietta)

"I started chiropractic care with Dr. Trindade because I had been in an auto accident and had whiplash.  I was very irritable because I was in so much pain from the accident.  I could not move at all because moving made the pain worse.  I just wanted to be in a good mood and have no pain.  I had no previous experience with chiropractic and went to Dr. Trindade because my co-worker referred me to her.  Since beginning chiropractic care I have no pain and am almost always in a good mood!  Chiropractic care is a miracle!"  Denise L. (Austell) 

"I had terrible symptoms.  I would take 8-10 asprin at one time and still feel like someone was pushing my head down.  I would have frequent migraines and numbness in my finger tips.  I was experiencing these problems for at least eight years.  In the last month and a half, since starting care with Dr. Trindade, I have been able to sleep.  My neck feels great, my head feels light and my posture is great!  Chiropractic has affected my life by allowing me to focus on living.  I don't always think about how much I hurt and how much I wanted a new body because of the pain.  I would recommend chiropractic care for everyone."  Sharon B. (Roswell)